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When you look at a COP like Co-efficiency of performance you're always looking at where your energy is coming from. For instance, if you had a will take a resistance heat, It's a one to one ratio for every dollar you put in you get a dollar ended you put out if you took an air to air Read more How Do GHP’s reach 400%?

Quartz is the best thermal conductivity there is once you put that loop in with rock or with quartz it's there. If you draw a hole Read more Thermal Conductivity 

  Other than caverns there is not a place in the world where you can not use Geothermal. Read more Where can Geothermal NOT be used?

The hybrid technology generates an automatic way to offload heat.  Read more Stockton State Hybrid system

We didn't have to drill loops we used the water from American water to provide heating cooling and water heating to that school. Read more How can landlocked Cities upgrade? 


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Tax Credits?

Geothermal sustains itself. Sell on the technology's merits.

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