For those that do not know me my name is Jack DiEnna, I am the Executive Director of GEONII, I am an IGSHPA Ambassador with over 30 years in this industry and have never seen a better opportunity for this industry than right now. The leadership in our industry has never been stronger with Jeff Hammond at the helm of IGSHPA and Ryan Dougherty as President of GEO and with support from Sally & staff they are doing a fabulous job but they cannot do it alone.

This industry needs you, starting with continuing or renewing your membership to IGSHPA and supporting GEO in its efforts with Legislators. Your IGSHPA certification is the thing that sets you apart from your competitors. It lets your clients know that you are a trained technician, it gives you that edge.

The US DOE states that 40% of all primary energy used in the US is in buildings (greater than that used in transportation and slightly lower than industrial) and 40% of the energy used in those buildings is for space conditioning and water heating, which is exactly what our technology delivers and GHPs have finally been recognized by the US DOE as a renewable technology (Consolidated Appropriations Act 2021).

In the studies done by the National Labs from 2006 to 2018 all point to the fact that an aggressive deployment of this technology is the best weapon in the war on climate change.

Those National Labs (NREL & ORNL) in that research state that an aggressive deployment of GHPs could save 4.2 quads (1 quad =293 B KWH,183 M barrels of petroleum & 980 B cubic feet of natural gas) and 45.1% reduction in energy consumption.

An aggressive deployment of this technology would also account for a reduction of 271.9 million metric tons of CO2 emissions and a savings of $52.2 B in energy expenditures. It would also reduce summer peak electrical demand by 215.9 GW.

This technology is also being studied by utility companies, (ConEd in NY & Eversource in MA have pilot projects in production now) that are seeing the value of the ownership of the ground loop. Their involvement will bring an enormous amount of work for our industry members. The fact is utilities are RISK averse not $$$ averse. They want to be sure that any installation that they are associated with has participants that will know what they are doing and will protect their interests.  

That is exactly what IGSHPA certification or a CGD certification provides, not only delivering a great project for the client but protecting the integrity of the technology. It is still the gold standard for this technology, and it is only getting better.

This technology does not need the sun to shine or the wind to blow, it does not mar the landscape or destroy environments and it is a technology that was developed HERE and its main purpose, aside from what was mentioned previously, is to deliver COMFORT to the end user.

The point of all of this is we need YOU to join the fight, to join or renew your membership in IGSHPA and attend the annual conference December 6th to 8th in Las Vegas. To support GEO in their meetings with elected officials and to promote this technology everywhere.

To suggest to a client that instead of paying $55,000 for an electric vehicle, put that investment into your home, get a 30% investment tax credit (thanks to GEO’s tenacity & hard work) and have a renewable that works whether you are home or not PLUS you don’t have to charge it. They may call you biased but you should be this renewable is the answer.

Now you can read this and blow it off as the rantings of a VETERAN (I refuse to use OLD) or you can join this movement and become involved with IGSHPA & GEO in bringing this technology from UNDERGROUND to being recognized as the real “green” technology that takes advantage of the “ENERGY UNDER OUR FEET”.

If you choose the latter, do not complain when the opportunity passes you by. Any questions contact me at 610-659-4998 or email at


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