Water. It’s essential to just about everything we do in life. From the regulation of our bodily functions to cooking a meal, water is involved. This makes it all the crazier that over half the states in the Union are suffering from water-depravation issues But the same technology that has been heating and cooling homes for over 40 years saves water too!

Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs) use the energy that exists just under our feet to heat and cool a building, getting five units of energy for every one unit of electricity. . They extend this efficiency to water use as well, with most systems, being filled one time, wasting no water at all.

In a study conducted by AWebb/SlimJim, they replaced a 300-ton water-cooled chiller, in a 150 room hotel in FL, with a geothermal system. In one year that system saved 6,622,566 gallons of water with a dollar savings of $64,373.44.

Can you imagine if that technology was installed in the major hotels & casinos in Las Vegas, it would be a major weapon in the war against water deprivation?

The larger a building the more it takes to heat or cool it, meaning larger structures like hotels and commercial buildings use a lot of energy and water to keep things hot or cool. Evaporative cooling, although it works, only increases the need for more water, a closed Loop GHP system is filled one time and will continue to deliver space conditioning while saving dramatic amounts of H2O!

A report by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) states that geothermal heat pumps can be used in every State in the Union. They can warm home in Anchorage just as effectively as it can cool one in Arizona! All the while using a fraction of the energy a traditional system uses while supporting more responsible use of our precious water.

The growth of GHPs offers a unique and attractive effective solution to heating and cooling as well as water wastage conservation. This technology is not new, it is now recognized by the Federal Government as a renewable technology that not only delivers comfortable heating and uses the earth as a thermal storage battery but can also protect our water supply for generations to come.

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