World Geothermal Energy Day

  • Showcasing Geothermal Energy Success around the Globe
  • People engaging together with ideas, education and excitement.
  • A celebration of geothermal energy and the people who make it happen.
  • Highlighting the environmentally friendly benefits of renewable geothermal energy, worldwide.
  • Renewable, reimagined, re-engineered; a net-zero carbon system.

About World Geothermal Energy Day
This is the one day when people around the globe celebrate the virtues and benefits of geothermal energy, open their shops for tours (both virtual and physical), discuss new technologies, and work to include geothermal energy in legislation at the local, regional, national and international levels.

The Hashtag is #WorldGeothermalEnergyDay

Date: October 17, 2021; and annually thereafter.

Raising Awareness
World Geothermal Energy Day aims to raise awareness of the many positive contributions that geothermal energy systems make to our society. World Geothermal Energy Day celebrates the people that design, build, operate and support the broad range of technologies from large power systems, heat pump systems, on down to tiny micro-thermal.

Join Us for World Geothermal Energy Day

We invite you to learn more about this exciting new chapter in Geothermal Energy education and all its connective elements, from a new web site, to centralized virtual events, to a history-making celebration of people, technology and innovation. We shall strive to make World Geothermal Energy Day one of our most prized annual events, to include tours of facilities brought to life by geothermal energy including power facilities, desalinization plants, botanic gardens, edgy restaurants, schools and universities, medical facilities, and more, all opening on October 17, 2021.

Come Join Us
We are honored to launch, enhance and steward appreciation for one of the world’s most important, most environmentally friendly energy sources; earth-based, renewable geothermal energy and we invite you to learn more about “geothermal reimagined” along the way.

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