Jim Scherrer and Steve Krug



[WEST CHESTER, PA, USA October, 2021] — WorldGeothermalEnergyDay.org is pleased to announce the inaugural World Geothermal Energy Day to celebrate the people and achievements of geothermal energy and systems. The celebration will highlight noteworthy contributions of geothermal systems to society around the globe. On October 17th, we encourage all of you to give a shout out and a special acknowledgment to the stalwart people involved in the thousands of energy efficient geothermal systems that keep providing renewable, reliable, resilient electricity, heat, and cooling to our essential facilities and homes. As the climate changes, and we turn towards net-zero carbon systems for our environment, geothermal offers tremendous advantages. This is the year to celebrate geothermal leaders, operators, and team members. It is safe to say that the world is changing. And though most people are not aware, geothermal systems are keeping people healthier during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fortunately, people and the earth can offer dependable and efficient geothermal energy technology — and we are finding new ways to stay connected. Some of the most helpful tools have been virtual meetings, events, and webinars on the Internet. With social distancing, masks, and quarantining being commonplace right now, technology has become even more integral to the lives of many. And while the Internet has certainly provided people with hours of Netflix entertainment and plenty of fun, it has also played an important role in supporting one another.

On October 17th , 2021, we will virtually highlight key geothermal projects internationally. Geothermal systems, play an important role in supporting carbon emissions reduction. Geothermal systems use the renewable heat of the earth as an energy source, at high efficiency, to produce low or no-carbon energy. Generating electricity, heat and cooling using the earth’s stored energy
translates into low or carbon-free energy.

October 17th was selected to acknowledge a famous geothermal event on Pompei that occurred in the year 79 AD. Geothermal is represented by the power of Vesuvius.

The residential, healthcare, food, agricultural, and power sectors use the efficient, renewable and reliable geothermal approach today, and we are proud to honor the frontline workers that serve our communities to keep the lights, heat and air-conditioning on during the pandemic. World Geothermal Energy Day shows examples of how geothermal systems around the world provide dependable cost-effective, net-zero, energy resilience to our indispensable facilities and homes. These people maintain resilient, efficient, distributed geothermal energy that is sustainable for the future energy transition to our most vital facilities and homes.

The sponsors of World Geothermal Energy Day will celebrate on a world-wide basis because some challenges must be met with a global response. Celebrants will take to social media, the internet, offices, geothermal facilities, and the airwaves to teach us what is obvious — that there will be no future for us if we destroy the environment that sustains us. This one day helps us all to also pursue a “green recovery” in response to the coronavirus; showing that healthy energy supplies enable healthy environments.

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